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donald duck
A Disney Genealogy
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You've enjoyed Donald Duck and all his animated relatives in cartoon shorts, feature films, television and comic books. Now discover the precise relationship between all your favorite Disney duck characters with this illustrated family tree. It's Disney's version of Duck Dynasty!


First Appearances:

Donald Duck 1934 The Wise Little Hen cartoon short
Daisy Duck 1937 Don Donald cartoon short
Huey, Dewey, Louie Duck
(Hubert, Deuteronomy, Louis)
1938 Donald's Nephews cartoon short
Dumbella Duck (mention only) 1938 Donald's Nephews cartoon short
Scrooge McDuck 1947 Christmas on Bear Mountain comic book
Gladstone Gander 1948 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #88 comic book
Gus Goose 1939 Donald's Cousin Gus cartoon short
Grandma Duck 1943 Donald Duck daily comic strip
Quackmore Duck ? ? ?
Hortense Duck ? ? ?
April, May, June 1953 Flip Decision comic book
Grandpa Duck 1955 No Hunting cartoon short
Ludwig Von Drake 1961 An Adventure In Color television cartoon

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